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On the Nature of "Nation"

Notes on the Use of Categories

This blog addresses the concepts of Nation, which involve several interconnected topics. I am using ‘categories’ to divide this into several topical blogs.

‘Const. Review‘ is a review of the United States Constitution. It is subdivided into multiple “readings“. I take the name from the legislative “reading” process. The ‘First Reading‘ is introductory. It covers the actual text of the Constitution with added numbering and some formatting, but minimal editorializing – except for the Preamble, which is too short to go without comment. The ‘Second Reading‘ is an interpretation from 18th century linguistics to 21st century language, with annotations. The ‘Third Reading‘ will be full-blown commentary.

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Hello World!

I would like to welcome you to ZeraLand.

The View of life I communicate in my pictures excludes the sordid and the ugly. I paint life as I would like it to be.

I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed. My fundamental purpose is to interpret the typical American. I am a story teller.

– Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell painted pictures of America that were both familiar and inspirational. Charles Kuralt traveled the roads of America showing us some of the nooks and crannies of our culture.

I am neither of these people, but they are the inspiration for what I plan with ZeraLand. I wish to built an image of America that is a combination of the America I see and the America I hope for.

This is to be a constructive endeavor, not a political battleground. Honest debate is welcome, but leave the mantras at home.

Zera Lee

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