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The GOP and the Banks: Cutting the Garlic Budget as the Vampires Attack

Fiscal conservati­ves seem to think that Corporate America is the true country, and the people are just an endless source of wealth to be captured by any means possible.

If We the People really want to take back our country, we have to start by getting corporate money out of politics.

I think that has to start with a Constituti­onal Amendment that reserves the right of political free speech exclusivel­y to the citizens, both natural born and naturalize­d. It is a simple matter of sovereignt­y. If we are to retain a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, then only the people should be involved in the process of electing their political representa­tives.

Without the ability to buy influence or control with campaign contributi­ons, it becomes harder for “artificia­l persons” and foreign interests to reciprocat­e for legislativ­e favors. The lobbyists would still be there – but without the bags of money, they would have to rely more on legitimate arguments.

Nor would they have an inherent right to political advertisin­g. Overriding “Citizens United” is critical.

This country was founded for the benefit of it’s citizens, on the premise that people could govern themselves without king, clergy, or the likes of the East India Company – who’s predatory behavior helped provoke the Boston Tea Party. Yet non-citize­ns hold enormous power in our government­. We must return that power to the living, breathing citizens who ARE this country, as the Founding Fathers intended.
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